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Care Environmental Corp. customizes services to our clients based upon review and thorough understanding of the client's particular needs. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Analytical Research
  • Consulting Services
  • Discharge Prevention
  • Documentation
  • Excavations
  • Laboratory Relocation
  • Packaging
  • Remediation
  • Small Quantity Generator
  • Technical Analysis
  • Transportation
  • Confined Space Entry Programs
  • Computerized Tracking Systems
  • Decontamination
  • Disposal
  • Emergency Response
  • H.H.W. Collection Events
  • Manifesting and Labeling
  • Plant Closure
  • Right-To-Know
  • Site Assessments
  • Technical Analysis
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal



Care Environmental Corp. has been actively working in the residential sector since 1993. Our services include the removal or abandonment of heating oil tanks for homeowners who have become environmentally aware and prefer to be "proactive' rather than "reactive". Since 1993, roughly 50% of the tank closures we have performed have been "non-leakers" which simply is a matter of proper tank removal following appropriate state and local ordinance. Although, these tanks are not regulated, Care Environmental's approach is to follow tank closure procedures as if the tank was regulated. This includes but not limited to obtaining the proper permits, scheduling local inspections, proper disposal of the tank contents, tank and photodocumentation. The backfill utilized is obtained from a reputable source which is documented as can be traced back to a "clean-fill" certification. At the completion of the tank closure, a report is submitted to our client which includes all appropriate documentation so that it may be used in the future as documentation for proper tank closure in real estate transactions.


Care Environmental Corp. experience with residential fuel oil tank releases is to apply a technical approach that will require slight modifications from site to site. Although, each project is unique, this approach is possible since the ultimate goal is to obtain a "No Further Action" from the appropriate agencies in a normal period of time. Consistency, specific time frames for tasks, and cost effective technical remedial services can in effect provide the property owner with a comfort zone in an otherwise disruptive time. We have found that giving attention to the homeowner and establishing a good working relationship with the homeowner and as well as those involved such as fuel oil dealers, attorneys, realtors, and insurance claim representatives is of utmost importance in the cost effective success of the project. All of these factors have successfully and will continue to assist all those involved in a smooth, working relationship with Care Environmental Corp.

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Care Enviromnental Corp. experience in providing environmental audits and assessments to commercial property owners has proven successful since 1992. Our staff is trained in the "due diligence" aspect of environmental auditing. We provide an thorough on-site visit typically with the prospective purchaser and/or the owner to seek those "areas of environmental concern". We investigate through records research any former or current environmental issues concerning the property that may or may not be apparent at the site visit. Our combined knowledge of federal and state environmental regulations is used to identify those areas and prepare our comprehensive findings and recommendations. Once the auditing is complete, an environmental assessment may or may not be warranted. We chose to recommend a proposed scope of work and provide the most cost conscience approach to our client before entering into the assessment stage of the project. We provide this service cost effectively and consult with our potential client prior to auditing in order to provide our service to satisfy various requirements set forth by banks, mortgage groups, attorneys, realtors and prospective purchasers.


Care Environmental Corp. is very active in the UST program for commercial properties. Whether the USTs are regulated or not, Care Environmental's approach is to follow federal, state and local protocol appropriate for the tank system. And in all UST closure projects, we provide tank decommission procedures as if the tank is regulated. Soil and/or Ground Water Remediation as it pertains to petroleum releases is provided to our clients in the most cost effective program possible. Care Environmental's experienced staff is prepared to continue the project for the sole purpose of obtaining a "No Further Action" for the project.


Care Environmental is an experienced remedial consultant and contractor working with commercial property owners. Over the last five years, we have been involved in building decontamination projects, soil remediation projects, ground water remediation, surface water remediation, surface soil remediation and have worked with other contractors and provided field personal decontamination services. We are available for emergency response remedial services and provide on-call service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

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Care Environmental Corp.'s experience in providing pesticide collection services for various governmental agencies is growing due to their support of proper disposal practices for these unwanted chemicals. State and local authorities are instituting programs to assist farmers in the safe removal of their accumulated pesticides. These pesticide have become unusable either because they have been banned, or no longer approved for use on crops for which they were originally purchased, or, are unidentifiable due to loss or deterioration of their labels describing the contents. Farmers are currently storing these hazardous materials awaiting an economical method of properly disposing these chemicals in an environmentally safe manner.

Care Environmental has provided the personnel, material, equipment, labor and management to collect, segregate and package these hazardous materials in order to transport these wastes to disposal facilities. Our approach is to provide an effective safety barrier to protect our personnel as well as the community from exposure to hazardous materials during the collection event and returning collection sites to an environmentally clean and safe condition. We provide this service cost effectively and consider our technical approach top in our field.


Care Environmental Corp's experience is based on our highly trained and qualified staff, whose combined knowledge and experience totals sixty six years in the Household Hazardous Waste field. County governments support the proper disposal of unwanted household chemicals such as oil base paint, household cleaners, pool chemicals, pesticides, gasoline, thinners and other such materials, because they seek to protect their community and minimize disposing of these materials in their municipal landfills. Care Environmental provides the management, materials, labor and equipment to safely collect, package and transport these household hazardous materials to disposal facilities. Over four hundred collection events have been successfully performed by Care personnel, and without a single incident. Our exceptional service record underscores Care Environmental's proven ability to provide successful turn-key events.


Care Environmental Corp. has been retained by various school boards to audit their school system's hazardous chemical inventory found in chemistry classrooms, maintenance facilities, biology classrooms, and laboratories. Our approach is to provide this service at low cost so that school budgets can afford to dispose of outdated, unusable, deteriorating chemicals in an environmentally safe manner. The audit and assessments have proven successful in providing the board with an understanding of how their schools' chemical storage area rates in terms of safety and awareness.

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